How to Properly Apply Garage Floor Paint

How to Properly Apply Garage Floor Paint

If you want to make your ugly old garage floor look new again then garage floor paint is that fastest and cheapest way to do that.  You can have a clean new surface and it will help keep your garage floor in good condition.  The problem with garage floors is they are one of the worst surfaces to try and paint.  If you have been using your garage then your floor can be oily and cold leaving you with peeling paint.  Let us show you how to properly apply garage floor paint.

Prepping the Floor

Before you even open a can of paint you need to get your garage ready.  It will take you far longer to prep properly than it will to actually paint the floor, but that’s how you make sure that you get the job done right.  You are also going to need the right kind of paint, one that has been specifically formulated for garage floors or at the very least for concrete.

You will need to clean the garage floor thoroughly, not a speck of dust left.  You can start by sweeping and vacuuming to get rid of the surface dirt.  Now you are going to need something to remove any grease, gas or oil stains from the floor.  It cannot be stressed enough that you don’t skip this step, you cannot paint over oil.  The paint won’t adhere and it will start peeling before it is completely dry.  Here is how you can remove the oil stains from the garage floor.

Follow the Directions

The can of paint is going to come with instructions from the manufacturer to prepare and apply the paint.  It’s in your best interest to follow the directions to the letter that will help the paint job look professional.

The Temperature

Your garage is probably not the warmest part of your house and the temperature will affect how the floor turns out.  Ideally you want to paint during the spring or summer months when it is warmer.  Cold weather won’t allow the paint to stick to the concrete.  Worst case scenario you can always use a space heater to warm up the garage.  Apply the first coat and let it dry, if you decide that your floor needs a second coat then you need to apply the second coat at a 90 degree angle, that will give you good coverage without roller marks.